The regional park tour guide – the most beautiful tours in the regional park

10 suggestions for your weekend landscape experience

The Regionalpark Tourguide

The new regional park tour guide is hot off the press. The 72-page, handy brochure describes the 10 most beautiful tours in the RheinMain Regional Park.

Whether on foot or by bike – on 550 uniformly signposted kilometers, you can already do sports in the RheinMain Regional Park, enjoy the landscape or simply let the wind blow your nose. The regional park routes are already an integral part of the region and can be used both for the daily commute to work and for trips with the whole family. The Regionalpark Gesellschaft has now expanded its range with the new tour guide. The compact booklet offers ready-made suggestions for bike tours, hikes and excursions, which also lead to so many unknown corners in our region.

“The RheinMain Regional Park unites an exciting region full of contrasts. Vibrant cities alternate with green forests and diverse landscapes. The tour guide takes up all these facets, ”Claudia Jäger explained the idea. “We want to encourage the residents and guests of the region to look at the cultural and natural landscape of the Rhine-Main area with open eyes. Let us take you on a change of perspective and explore the landscapes – right on your doorstep. ”

Regionalpark Managing Director Kjell Schmidt adds: “Along our individual routes there are always great views of the Frankfurt skyline, the Odenwald, the Feldberg im Taunus, but also the central traffic axes of the region. „This diversity in the landscape is what makes Rhein-Main so special,“ says Schmidt. “Nature and the metropolitan area are connected in a unique way here”.

A total of 10 tours were selected and prepared for the new regional park tour guide. Each tour tells its own story, but it also has very practical places to stop off. Tour attributes and highlights on the route are explained and each point out their special characteristics. For each of the 10 tours there is a route description written by experienced hiking and cycling professionals. In the „tour story“ the highlights of the route are taken up and backgrounds explained. The most important information is visually highlighted and pictures already give you a “regional park feeling” when you leaf through it.

Claudia Jäger thanked the sponsors in particular: „The project was supported by the State of Hesse, by Fraport AG and by the Frankfurt RheinMain business initiative, which enabled us to implement the idea for the guide as we have it today hold, make it possible ”.

The tour guide will be published in a run of 10,000 copies and will in future be available free of charge in the Regional Park Portalen Weilbacher Kiesgruben and Wetterpark Offenbach. It can also be ordered free of charge by sending a prepaid envelope.

Order your print copy:

You will receive the free tour guide by sending in a franked and addressed A4 envelope (postage € 2.60).

Regionalpark Ballungsraum RheinMain GmbH
Frankfurter Strasse 76
65439 Flörsheim am Main

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