Regionalpark Tour 8 – Kaleidoscope of urban history

Regionalpark Tour 8 – Kaleidoscope of urban history

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Trainstation Offenbach-Ost
Trainstation Offenbach-Ost
02:20 h
26,2 KM
114 meters
Blauer Kran, Wetterpark Portal Offenbach

Freizeitkarte: Südlich des Mains Teil 1+2

Tour 8 - Kaleidoscope of urban history

In addition to a history of craftsmanship and industry that goes back centuries, the city of Offenbach also boasts modern urbanity. The tour along the green ring from the Main to the Main offers an ever changing reflection of the dynamic development of the city – and an expansive landscape of the curving Main River.

The former industrial harbour of Offenbach is now a modern residential and working district. We stand there on the viewing platform of the Blauer Kran and try to imagine the hustle and bustle of the old port during the loading and unloading of various goods – the noise, dust, smells and the people who used to work hard here. Today, we can not only enjoy views of Frankfurt and the Taunus in the distance, but can also see the balconies of the new residential district, the stair-like open space directly on the waterfront and the people sitting there enjoying the day. As a work of art, the Blauer Kran stands for the city’s industrial history and as a local landmark represents the idea of the Regionalpark.

The first foundations of Offenbach’s economic development were laid by the Counts of Isenburg around 1700, they granted the Huguenots, who had fled from France, the freedom to practise their religion. Among them were many tradesmen and craftsmen, resulting in numerous manufactories. Today, the former residence of the counts, the Isenburg Castle, is one of the town’s most important architectural monuments. For a glimpse of the Renaissance façade with its elaborately designed arcade walkways, it is worth taking a small detour to the south side of the castle facing away from the Main, which has now found a new use as the ”Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach“ school of design.

At the other side of the Main curve, we encounter another castle – Schloss Rumpenheim. It is well worth taking the time to stroll through the extensive park in the style of an English landscape garden. The Turkish pavilion with its intricate roof catches the eye directly from the path. The view of the Main River here at the Eastern tip of the tour has been beautifully staged by the Regionalpark with a small viewing platform.

During industrialisation, the stately parks were no longer the focus of attention. It became important to create green spaces for a healthy environment for the working-class families who lived in cramped conditions. At the suggestion of the mayor of the time, the Leonhard-Eißnert-Park was created in the 1920s. On the green belt, we will pass through several other historical open spaces with elements from various eras of the city’s history. At the end of the 19th century, for example, the first concrete buildings without steel reinforcement including a miniature bridge were exhibited on the site of what is now the Dreieich park.

The weather park with its Regionalpark Portal dates from more recent times. Here, you can learn a lot about the weather, because the park provides a variety of interesting details about the position of the sun, about the clouds, wind and rain and – on the observation tower – about visibility conditions. The climate route on the Main with three stations in Offenbach is a fitting addition to the tour. Using the example of rivers worldwide, the Regionalpark project illustrates the ecological interrelationships and the possible consequences of climate change.

The green belt in Offenbach brings together many aspects: The weather and climate, urban change in the Hafenpark, parks from various eras – a kaleidoscope of the city, from the Main to the Main.


1. From the TOUR START at Offenbach-Ost train station, ride east into Lämmerspieler Weg with the Rundroute indication ”Regionalpark Rundroute 0.4 km“. This will be your main signpost until you get to the Hainbach stream. After 700 m, turn diagonally left along the rails up a gravel path to the Wetterpark. The path curves through the Leonhard-Eißnert-Park, then past the stadium and across Bieberer Straße with the help of traffic lights. After a few crossroads, you will reach …

2. … the REGIONALPARK PORTAL WETTERPARK OFFENBACH. After the visit, continue straight ahead, then turn left and roll along the Hainbach stream. Then the signs change:

3. Turn right and follow the green belt signs OFFENBACH – VON MAIN ZU MAIN until you get to Senefelder Straße. The wide Waldstraße is easily crossed thanks to the pedestrian traffic light, then you can roll through the relaxing greenery of the Lauterborn district, carefully across the Senefelder Straße and on to the Buchrain lookout point.

4. The best way to cross SPRENDLINGER LANDSTRASSE is by taking the traffic lights a few metres to the left. Then continue in the previous direction and slightly uphill to the Buchrain. The Offenbach green belt takes a few turns in the villa district and then dives deep into the forest to the roundabout August-Bebel-Ring.

5. Turn sharp left under the BAHNDAMM and turn diagonally left into the green area on the opposite side to the August-Bebel-Rondell. At the end, the route leads you through the extensively rebuilt Kaiserlei roundabout, after which it turns right towards the Main with a sign towards Isenburg Castle.

6. Beforehand, you will pass the BLAUER KRAN in the new harbour district: The Main cycle path leads you past the Isenburg Castle after 1 km; from there, it is a good 6 km to the Rumpenheim ferry: On the left, you will see the Main, on the right , fields and wooded areas in the Main curve – cycling can be so wonderful!

7. The RUMPENHEIMER CASTLE: You can ride up the Schmiedegasse on the right and then push your bike across the park – or stay by the Main. At the end of the castle garden wall, turn sharp right up to the Mainblick. Here, you will once again encounter the familiar signs of the REGIONALPARK RUNDROUTE, which guide you towards the Wetterpark. In the middle of the green area of the Altmainarm Kuhmühlgraben, ride up to the left. Be careful on the Laskabrücke where you have to share the road with cars. Soon, you will turn right to the train station OF-Ost.

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