Welcome to the RhineMain RegionalPark

Covering 550 km around Frankfurt, a number of attractive Regional-Park-routes that extend from the Rheingau region in the west to the Wetterau region in the north, and from the Hessian reed marsh in the south far into the Kinzig Valley to the east provide insights into the interesting features and rich variety of the region. Many milestones have already been set in place over the past few years. The intention is now to build on what has already been achieved through a number of individual projects. More detailed information and attractive events are intended to make the Regional- Park more widely known.

Why not discover the many different facets of the RegionalPark for yourself? Cycle through evocative landscapes to sites of historical interest and stop off for refreshment or stroll along shady avenues, past orchard meadows in bloom to impressive objects of art, a challenging adventure park or a rose garden in radiant splendour. This is the best place to discover the wealth of contrasts afforded by the Rhine-Main Region, experience nature first-hand and explore urban landscapes.

The Frankfurt/Rhine-Main metropolitan region in the heart of Europe is home to 5.5 million people. The region is a fascinating combination of large cities and the hallmark Frankfurt skyline on the one hand and the many smaller towns and municipalities with their particular charm and open spaces on the other. Fields, meadows and woodland extend into the built-up areas and provide the people in the region with a variety of recreation opportunities right on their doorstep.

The goal of the RhineMain RegionalPark is to safeguard the green and agricultural areas as well as the woodlands that extend right into the heart of the conurbation, and to enhance their appeal through a network of attractive routes and sites. This will enable the further development of the landscape and firmly establish its value in people’s minds. The RegionalPark is a community project of the towns and district authorities in the Rhine-Main Region. The federal state of Hesse and the Frankfurt/Rhine-Main Regional Authority are providing financial support for the project. For many years, Fraport AG, the Frankfurt Airport operator, has been contributing substantial sums of money to support the RegionalPark and has thus pushed the project forward.

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